About Us

About Us

What happens when you're in the same business for 40 years?

Keppel Sea Scan started out in the Marine & Offshore and Building Construction industries in 1976 with values such as quality and reliability.

These are the few things that you appreciate even back then and we understand. After all, these values are the things that has helped us build a team of competent engineers and a large, dependable sourcing network.

Experience has also ingrained in us an intuitive understanding of our clients' needs. And after the project, we continue to provide responsible services.

Today, we have established a strong reputation in marine accommodation works, procurement services, equipment leasing, and lifeboat servicing.

Some people ask us: "What happens when you have been in the same business for more than 40 years?" Do we get tired? Do our work suffer from the endless grind of time?

No. We tell them that, after working for more than 40 years, values we started out with become second nature. Our culture.