Forklifts & Block Carriers


For sales, leasing and servicing

Our Diesel Powered Forklifts are:

  • Powerful - Biggest and most powerful engine with the fastest acceleration. 
  • Friendly - Environment friendly, low noise and greater visibility.
  • Speedy - Speedy lifting using electronic controlled automatic transmission.

Range of forklifts:

3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6 ton, 7 ton, 10 ton. 2 stage/ 3 stage mast with attachments like positional fork/extension fork available. We carry brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, TCM.

Rental price starts from $600+.

Operator service available:

Keppel Sea Scan is one of the very few forklift leasing companies in Singapore that provides operator services.

As safety is an integral part of Keppel Group’s policy, our workers always ensure safe work where ever possible.

Block Carriers

For sales, leasing and servicing

Specially designed to the height of 1.6meters for customised lifting operation in the dry docks.